November is all about those lumps and bumps

What's That Lump on Your Dog? A Guide from Dr. Kay McIntosh

Discovering a lump on your dog can set off alarm bells in any pet parent's heart. Dr. Kay McIntosh of Bicton Veterinary Clinic understands your concerns and is here to guide you through what these mysterious lumps might be.

Common Canine Lumps Unveiled

Lumps on dogs are not uncommon and often harmless, but they can sometimes signal a health issue. Dr. McIntosh categorises these into several types:

- Lipomas: These soft, fatty lumps are mostly benign and frequently seen in older, larger dogs.
- Sebaceous Cysts: These wart-like cysts are due to blocked oil glands and can burst, releasing a white substance.
- Warts: Caused by a virus, these small growths are common in younger dogs and resolve on their own.
- Skin Tags: Usually harmless flaps of skin that are monitored for any changes.
- Abscesses: These are painful, infection-induced lumps that need antibiotic treatment.
- Button Tumours (Histiocytoma): Benign and typically found in younger dogs, they often disappear without treatment.
- Mast Cell Tumours: These are serious and cancerous, requiring prompt veterinary attention.

Puppy Lumps and Post-Vaccination Swellings

Puppies often develop warts or button tumours, which are generally not a cause for concern. Also, note that swelling at a vaccination site is normal but should subside within a week.

When to Visit Bicton Veterinary Clinic

Consult Dr. McIntosh if you notice:
- Hard, irregularly shaped lumps.
- Rapid changes in lump size or shape.
- Discharge from the lump.

Navigating Health Concerns

Understanding the type of lump is crucial. Dr. McIntosh and the team at Bicton Veterinary Clinic are committed to your pet's health and offer a range of services to diagnose and treat these skin anomalies. 

Remember, early detection is key. While not every lump is a cause for panic, having it checked ensures peace of mind. Visit Bicton Veterinary Clinic where care comes hand-in-hand with expert advice, ensuring your furry friend remains in the best of health.

The best news is that throughout the month of November, we are offering a 10% discount on pathology, and 10% off lump removal surgery following a lump and bump consultation*

There is more information on this topic at Dr Kay's blog.

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