Ophthalmic care for your pet

Ophthalmology is the specific area of pet care involving the treatment of an animal’s eyes. For certain breeds, this service also consists of examination and certification of breeding dogs to verify their eyes are in good condition.

Eye examinations require specific equipment, such as an ophthalmoscope (a magnifying light to look into the eye). Our veterinarians can also use a special dye called fluorescein which fluoresces a green/yellow colour under UV light to identify any damage to the cornea (the clear layer at the front of the eye). We may also use a tonometer to check the pressure inside your pet’s eye, which, if raised, with a condition called glaucoma. Most eye conditions are medically treated; however, some specific conditions may require surgery.

While we are able to undertake some minor surgical eye procedures here at Bicton Veterinary Clinic, more complex cases will be referred to a specialist veterinary ophthalmology service for assessment and management.